Posted in April 2011

He Is Risen!

“Of all the things for which I feel grateful, I am most thankful this Easter morning for the gift of my Lord and my Redeemer. This is Easter, when, with all of Christendom, we commemorate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. This was not an ordinary thing. It was the greatest event in human history. I … Continue reading

Because He Lives!

Because He Lives!

During this Easter season as we pause to reflect upon Jesus’ incredible suffering, his selfless sacrifice, and sorrowful death, let us also remember to ponder our infinite blessings because He Lives!Enjoy this beautiful Easter song by Sally DeFord. Continue reading

Sabbath Day

What is the origin of the Sabbath Day? How do we “Keep It Holy”? and Why is it so important? This post gives points to ponder as we study the words of the Lord, and His holy servants to make our Sabbath day a special day. Plus, enjoy a video of a special Sabbath Day hymn! Continue reading

What Is An American To Do?

Today we faced a threat of “Government Shutdown”. We are experiencing an uncertain future as a nation, and things look a bit bleak. How are we dealing with all this worry and stress? How can we fix this problem or make any difference at all? Here are a few of my thoughts on our current situation, along with 5 Keys to Financial Freedom, a beautiful song, and a way to make life count! Continue reading

Being Like Jesus

Our Heavenly Father would not be the Perfect Father, nor Jesus our Perfect Shepherd, if they were content with us to remain just as we are now. Why? Because they know what we have the power to become! Continue reading

Remember Easter

Remember Easter

I believe that Easter is the most sacred and important holiday of the year. Sadly, its meaning and significance is often forgotten. The new video entitled “His Holy Name – An Easter Declaration” says everything I could, and more Continue reading

The Handmade Gift

The Handmade Gift

I might not be able to crochet a pot-holder, stitch a quilt, sew a Prom Dress for my daughter or paint a Hawaiian mural on our family room wall…but, I can still use my hands for creating something of worth for others! . . . A post in honor of The Greatest Handmade Gift. Continue reading

Sundae Sunday

Today is the anniversary of the icecream sundae – which is fitting, since it has been a very sweet LDS General Conference weekend! Here are some tasty quotes, topped off with the easter poem President Monson shared. Continue reading