Stand! Song For Young Women

There’s nothing that makes me happier than sharing a new beautiful song! Shawna Edwards, a gifted Mormon composer and lyricist (and my good friend), has released a new song and video honoring Young Women and their power to follow the Lord’s command to “Stand Ye In Holy Places, and be not moved” (D&C 87:8)  Shawna is also offering a FREE download to anyone who visits her website

Shawna Edwards, Composer

Shawna Edwards, Composer

“I have just finished a new video highlighting my song, “Stand,” about standing in holy places.  . .

I will give a free mp3 to everyone who comes to my website ( and comments on the “Stand” post – telling me how they or someone they know are standing in a holy place.

I would love to have thousands of young women singing the song” – Shawna Edwards


Composed by: Shawna Edwards
Arranged By: Masa Fukuda
Performed By: Adelheide Hulme and One Voice Children’s Choir

2 thoughts on “Stand! Song For Young Women

  1. I love this song! I have been searching for something to use for our Young Women in excellence program. This is so inspiring! Thank you for sharing this!

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