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Amazing Grace! Celebrating Freedom

Amazing Grace! Celebrating Freedom

In 1779, just three years after America’s Independence, a poem called “Amazing Grace” was published. Written by the repentant former slave trader-turned-clergyman John Newton, his words became not only an emblem of Christianity, but also a symbol of hope, and an anthem for the birth of a new nation. With the message that forgiveness and redemption are possible regardless of sins committed, … Continue reading

And Now I See

As I endured another morning of snail-paced highway traffic during another typical frantic commute to the office, I happened to turn my head slightly to the left, and up – just in time to witness the exact moment the sun peeked over the top of the Rocky Mountains. It was a stunning sight, and suddenly, my very ordinary morning, with its very ordinary routine was transformed into something very extraordinary. Continue reading

Ronan Tynan, Voice of Courage

Ronan Tynan has overcome tremendous odds throughout his life, rising to become one the world’s most inspirational men. Tynan was born in Ireland on May 14, 1960. He suffered with a lower-limb disability, but kept very active in sports and excelled in horsemanship. Unfortunately, after complications from an auto accident,