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Good Things To Share!

Good Things To Share!

There’s so many good things to share! This past week’s theme has been about exercising my body, mind, and soul. Sometimes we just need to focus on doing small good things each day. It all adds up. Suddenly, we are looking at our lives and realizing there’s so much to celebrate! Continue reading

Gracie’s Theme has Cardall’s Healing Touch

Mormon musician Paul Cardall was born in 1973 with a severe congenital heart defect. He has undergone countless surgeries, and is currently wait-listed for a heart transplant. This is his last hope. He dreams of living long enough to raise his little girl Eden alongside his beautiful wife Lynette.  Ironically, Paul possesses an exceptional art for healing others. Despite his failing … Continue reading

Pray for Eloise

I was touched by Sam Shaw’s post today regarding his sweet granddaughter Eloise. Little Eloise has a serious heart condition. She must undergo a critical surgery this week. I don’t know Sam. I have never met his family. And Sam does not know any of us. However, he has faith in our prayers.