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Living Isaiah 40:31- Our Miracle

Living Isaiah 40:31- Our Miracle

Today marks day 10 of hospitalization in Neuro Rehab for Daughter A. Fifteen days ago she was suddenly unable to walk or move her legs. After ruling out all the major scary stuff that could be causing it, the doctors determined that the pathway between her brain signals and her legs was “blocked”, and would … Continue reading

Messiah: Handel’s Musical Prophecy

“On The 21st Day of Christmas Countdown we contemplate the vision of Handel’s musical gift…combined with Isaiah, a timeless prophesy to uplift!”

Learn more about the Oratorio “Messiah”, and explore the similarities between the Prophet Isaiah, and the Composer Joseph Frideric Handel …
Includes Music Videos: “For Unto Us A Child Is Born” and “Hallelujiah Chorus”. Continue reading