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The Holiest Place On Earth

The Holiest Place On Earth

Only three more days until the 184th Semiannual General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints! Today I am sharing a beautiful video which was shown at our recent Women’s Meeting, September 27, 2014. Fellow sisters young and old from around the world share their feelings about the Temple, our Holiest [and happiest] place on earth! :) Continue reading

Calgary Gets Their Angel

Calgary Gets Their Angel

At sunrise on Thursday January 12, 2012, a traditional golden Angel Moroni statue was placed atop the new Latter-day Saint temple being built in Calgary, Alberta Canada. Despite being a very cold morning, many locals came out to watch the event. The video shared here, created by jamietaki, makes a special keepsake! Continue reading

Temple Announcement Fulfills A Dream

Temple Announcement Fulfills A Dream

The first two sessions of the 181st Semi-annual General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day saints have just concluded, and they were wonderful as usual!  Here’s a brief recap of today’s Temple Announcements, including President Monson’s dramatic entrance. :)

Temple At Sunset

The weather here in Utah has been very dramatic over the past week [to say the least]. Last night we were hit with a blizzard leaving 15 inches of snow in under 3 hours on my driveway [sadly, a branch from our beloved oak tree succumbed to the sudden weight]. However, March began delightfully balmy. … Continue reading

Payson Temple Surprise!

Yesterday I stopped off at my salon to get a broken nail fixed. As usual, a small TV in the back of the room was on. It happened to be queuing up the 6:00 news. Suddenly, I was hearing Utah would be getting another Latter-day Saint [Mormon] Temple! … Continue reading

First Annual MoSop Advent

Today is December 1st, and Christmas is definitely “in the air” in my neck of the woods! Hopefully, you are starting to feel the magic already as well… To help your days be merry and bright, here is my First Day of Christmas message a.k.a. the beginning of the 2009 “MoSop Advent”. Continue reading

A Bright Light To The World

There are many names and titles for Jesus Christ. One of them is “The Light“. He is referred to multiple times in the scriptures as “The Light of the world“,  “The Light of Men” and “The True Light“. In addition to Jesus being the light, those who choose to follow him are promised to receive a portion of … Continue reading

Mormon Temple Blessings

This video explains more about Mormon Temples, using excerpts of a talk given by apostle Russell M. Nelson of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, candid comments from members of the church, and beautiful photography of both the inside and outside of Temples around the world. Continue reading

Mormon Temple Ceremony and Worship

Mormon Temple worship and the ceremonies which take place inside are often a subject of curiosity and scrutiny. Because the worship which takes place in LDS temples is closed to the public, there is the potential for suspicion, rumor, misunderstanding, or inaccurate information. This is unfortunate. My website is designed to enlighten readers, to answer questions, and … Continue reading

When Hollywood Bullies Mormons

An upcoming HBO “Big Love” episode is slated to depict a re-creation of a Latter-day Saint (Mormon) temple ceremony…Certainly, this is not the first time LDS sacred belief and practices have been singled out and mocked, and it won’t be the last… it is ultimately the public themselves who must choose to be a part of the problem or the solution… Continue reading

5 New Mormon Temples include Roman Surprise

During the opening morning session of today’s General Conference President Thomas S. Monson surprised the world-wide church with the announcement of five new temples to be built!   1. Calgary, Canada; 2. Cordoba, Argentina; 3. Philadelphia. PA  4. Kansas City, Mo. and then none other than…drumroll please…