What Child Is This? – Mormon Tabernacle Choir

I love the inspiring story of the Christmas carol “What Child is This?”. In 1865 at the age of 29, an English writer named  William Chatterton Dix was struck with a sudden near-fatal illness. He was confined to bedrest for several months, and sunk into a deep depression. Yet, out of this terrible trial came a miraculous blessings for generations to come. During his period of serious illness, Dix wrote many hymns, including a poem entitled, “The Manger Throne”. Later, three stanzas were set to the traditional English tune “Greensleeves,” and re-titled as “What Child Is This?”. 

Here is a performance by The Mormon Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square during the 2012 First Presidency Christmas Devotional. The arrangement is by Mack Wilberg, with soloist Daron Bradford on recorder.

What Child Is This?

Watch the 2013 First Presidency Devotional on Sunday December 8th: LIVE STREAM HERE!


  1. Just beautiful. This is one of my favorite Christmas carols. I never knew the story behind it. Thanks for the information. I always learn something reading your blogs. Hope you daughter is continuing to improve. I’m still praying for her and for you.

    Love to both of you, Lynne

  2. I was talking to a young fam, who also happens difficult moments, and I found these phrases
    We all need to believe that things will get better. No matter how dark the night of the duration of the fight, we all have to believe that the dawn will come and the tears of the night drying in the sun in the morning. The psalmist gives us good hope when he promises dated, “Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.” (Jeffrey R. Holland, for times of trouble, p. 67)

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