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Saying Goodbye To Joey

Saying Goodbye To Joey

This is the painful post I never wanted to write. Today we had to say goodbye to one of the most beloved members of our family. Joey would have turned Sweet 16 in May. I still can’t believe he’s gone. The emptiness in our home and the hurt in my heart is going to take time to process. Joey was adopted on … Continue reading

Joe The Dog Provides A Parable

This particular post is the latest in the saga of our dog’s life, and his subsequent misadventures. Forget Joe The Plumber, we’ve got Joe The Dog! Here is the latest “teaching moment” he has provided: A [Living] Parable of The Dog and The Chili Can. Continue reading

It All Works Out

The dog had diarrhea. Thus begins the tale of my “sad song day”. But first, my dog Joey had gas. It started the night before. Those of you with dogs know that canine flatulence is just about one of the most unpleasant things we put up with for love of our furry friends. But this … Continue reading