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A Mormon Perspective On Voting

A Mormon Perspective On Voting

Today is election day in the USA. And, this year is considered a “big election”. In addition to choosing local and state leaders, we are choosing who our President and Commander-in-Chief will be for the next 4 years. As a US Citizen, and a Mormon, I’ve been asked several questions about my role in the voting process this year. Continue reading

The Morning After An Election

Our nation is experiencing the “morning after” syndrome of a presidential election. After managing to drag out the anticipation, mudslinging, media blitz and emotional roller coaster ride for over two years I don’t think it is surprising for most Americans to wake up with an anticlimactic political hangover. Of course, there are those who still … Continue reading

A Primer on USA Politics

My oldest daughter turns 18 this year. (Yikes!) Unfortunately, her birth date falls just short of eligibility to vote in our upcoming Presidential Election (she is very disappointed). However, this “coming-of-age” in our household has opened up a new and lively conversation. We are now officially “talking politics” as a family. We are studying the … Continue reading