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See You On The Other Side

See You On The Other Side

Meet Shaun Canon (real name Barrows). He “writes songs for Superheros”. In 2007, the Emmy-Nominated musician says he “discovered his ability to Sing, as well as transcend both Space and Time”. He’s been featured on soundtracks such as the Big Bang Theory, and collaborated with a lot of big names. Shaun is  a super talented musician from my hometown of Salt Lake City. He … Continue reading

19 Years Living “Happily Ever After”

Nineteen years ago, on the 19th of December, “Peeps” and I got married. Our ceremony was performed by Patriarch Arthur Strong in the Salt Lake LDS Temple. It was a beautiful day. Unseasonably warm for December. Although the sky was partly overcast, most of the snow had melted. In the background of several of our … Continue reading

Always Remember

Today is Easter Sunday. A little trivia: It is the earliest calendar date that Easter will be celebrated for nearly two centuries.  The Christian world is commemorating