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BTW, Which Way Are You Facing?

BTW, Which Way Are You Facing?

Last night I had the delightful opportunity to attend a women’s meeting (fireside) with special guest speaker John Bytheway – a very funny, inspiring, gifted man who also happens to be a devout Mormon. If you’ve never heard “BTW” (By-The-Way), then you have really been missing out on something special. I’m eager to introduce you! John Bytheway excels in equal parts motivational speaker, comedian, storyteller, teacher, inspirational … Continue reading

No Matter What Happens

“Life is not meant to be easy, but when we are filled with the Spirit…we will be full of joy no matter what happens.” The life and words of Elder F. Enzio Busche offer each of us hope and inspiration for keeping a joyful soul, no matter what. [Don’t miss the beautiful video included in this post!] Continue reading

Life without Limits – Nick Vujicic

When Nick Vujicicwas born, his Australian Christian parents held a tiny child with no arms or legs. Despite the crushing odds Nick faced, he has turned his trial into triumph. He now spends his life speaking to groups all around the world. His message is one of hope and joy. No matter what we face in life, we never face it alone. … Continue reading

Ronan Tynan, Voice of Courage

Ronan Tynan has overcome tremendous odds throughout his life, rising to become one the world’s most inspirational men. Tynan was born in Ireland on May 14, 1960. He suffered with a lower-limb disability, but kept very active in sports and excelled in horsemanship. Unfortunately, after complications from an auto accident,