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Pioneer Principles: Your Heritage

Pioneer Principles: Your Heritage

July 24 is a very significant date in both Mormon and Utah state history. On Saturday July 24, 1847 – after nearly 17 months, and hundreds of miles of weary wagon travel – Brigham Young led an “advance party” of 148 pioneers into Utah’s Valley of the Great Salt Lake. They sought a sanctuary where their people could live in peace, … Continue reading

Laura Osnes Sparkles With The Mormon Tabernacle Choir

Laura Osnes Sparkles With The Mormon Tabernacle Choir

Each year the Mormon Tabernacle Choir honors their Pioneer heritage with an enchanting concert at the 21,000 seat Conference Center in Salt Lake City. A special guest artist is always invited, and for 2015 the 2-time Tony nominee sweetheart of Broadway Laura Osnes joined in “Music for a Summer Evening“. ~ Laura Osnes played Cinderella in the Broadway revival of Roger and Hammerstein’s classic musical … Continue reading

B.H. Roberts and Frederick Kesler Diaries Available

B.H. Roberts and Frederick Kesler Diaries Available

An exciting announcement has been made by the University of Utah Marriott Library. The personal diaries of two prominent Mormon pioneers, B.H. (Brigham Henry) Roberts and Frederick Kesler have been scanned and printed and are now available to the public! Not only are these diaries available at a very reasonable cost, but the library has also made them available free of charge to read online, through the miracle of internet and PDF… Continue reading

Come, Come Ye Saints, All Is Well

Today is a special day. On July 24, 2009 the Mormon Pioneers entered the Salt Lake Valley after years of persecution and an arduous trek of over 1300 miles – blazing what became known as the Mormon Trail. I have blogged before about Honoring The Mormon Pioneers, and my own pioneer heritage. It is something I treasure. … Continue reading

Honoring The Mormon Pioneers

On July 24 the State of Utah will celebrate Pioneer Day. On this date  in 1846 the first advance party of Mormon Pioneers entered the Salt Lake City valley, and their leader, President Brigham Young looked out of a wagon from his sick-bed, and pronounced “This is the right place“. I am grateful for their stories … Continue reading

2009 Mormon Handcart Trek An Historic Event

For decades, LDS Youth have experienced Mormon Pioneer Handcart Reenactments (lovingly nicknamed “Trek”). Sometimes, these super activities last just a weekend, sometimes an entire week or longer. This year, Brigham Young University is offering the chance of a lifetime, to participate in the ultimate Handcart Trek! They will be staging a re-enactment of the entire authentic 1856 Mormon Trail(1,400 mile) journey, … Continue reading

Mormon Tabernacle Choir Pioneer Concert

UPDATE: Read”Osmond Family Through The Years“ The Mormon Tabernacle Choir will perform two special concerts honoring “Pioneer Day” (the day that the first Mormon Pioneers entered the Salt Lake Valley, July 24, 1847). Special guest artists for this concert will be the Osmond Family (including Donny & Marie). The concerts will be held Friday July … Continue reading

The Sweetwater Sacrifice

This week I will include posts honoring the Mormon Pioneers.  July 24th marks the important yearly anniversary of the pioneer’s arrival into the Great Salt Lake Valley. “Pioneer Day” is a Utah State holiday, but also stands as an important date to all members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints throughout the world. … Continue reading

No Empty Chairs

We have been experiencing a little taste of spring weather lately in Northern Utah. The other day it was unresistable, and I had to get out and enjoy it while it lasted! I believe I made my dog the happiest