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This Is Exactly Why I Do Not Blog

This Is Exactly Why I Do Not Blog

In the immortal words of Sally Field, “I can’t deny the fact that You Like Me right now! You Like Me!” Or at least, according to WordPress.com, you like me. They even gave me a badge to prove it. Yay me… er…you! I’m laughing, because don’t you think it’s kind of silly? What does this award mean, exactly? Is … Continue reading

Celebrating 7 Sweet Sopranos!

Celebrating 7 Sweet Sopranos!

Today is a very special and significant day! Mormon Soprano is celebrating 7 Blog Years! That’s 7 years as an honorary member of the Mormon Bloggernacle and 7 years as part of the global “blog-isphere”.🙂 Seven years ago I was just minding my own business sleeping when I had a crazy dream Continue reading

Half A Million, and Counting!

Half A Million, and Counting!

This morning the Mormon Soprano blog surpassed 500,000 visits! WOW!! I wish I could adequately extend my thanks to each and every one of you, and do so in your native language, beacuse you are a very diverse group!…It’s been a fascinating journey… Continue reading

2010 In Review

The stats helper monkeys at WordPress.com mulled over how the Mormon Soprano blog did in 2010, and here is a high level summary of its overall “blog health”, as well as a few personal observations on being a 21st Century “Blogger”. Continue reading

Privacy: Dead or Alive?

Today’s Wordpress Poll asked the following question: “Is Online Privacy Dead?” Yes, or No. Here are my thoughts on the subject of “Privacy” [and lack thereof] in the year 2010 and beyond…. Including what I consider the “Bright Side”. Continue reading

New Optimism

On today’s Wordpress home page there’s a simple poll. The question reads: “Are you optimistic for 2010?”

The 24-hr. vote shows that the answer “Yes” garnered 84%. Wow! It’s nice to know that despite a world filled with many troubles, we can still find a majority of people filled with optimism. This makes me feel more cheerful and more optimistic just seeing that vote of confidence!…

Learn about OPTIMISM…and watch a message about HOPE! Continue reading

Just For Fun

I am playing with the new “Poll Daddy” feature that WordPress recently introduced. Please cast your vote, and get instant results!  You can also ‘check the results’ to watch the polls progress.